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Events & Shows

September Events:

National Teeswater Specialty Show
The show will be held during the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival on Saturday, September 6, 2014 in Jefferson, Wisconsin. The judge will be Darrell Pilkington from Great Britain.

Information and Registration - [Click Here]

Results and Photos - will be posted after the show.

About the Judge -
The Structure of the UK Sheep Farming & Wool Industry - The call of the curlew welcomes visitors to Higher Gills Farm, a hill farm adjacent to Rimington Moor and in the shadow of Pendle Hill. Owned and run by the Pilkington family, Higher Gills is a stock rearing farm, with sheep and cattle. Darrell and Freda Pilkington have kept a small flock of pedigree Teeswater sheep for 30 years. Originating from the Teswater area of County Durham the Teeswater sheep produces fine long stapled lustrous wool with a natural permanent curl. During the 1920s, Teeswater rams became a popular crossing ram, especially when mated with hill ewes to produce the half-bred lambs (Masham) as replacements in lowland flocks. With the introduction of Continental breeds in the 1970s the popularity of Teeswaters declined and the breed is now on the endangered list (cat.2) of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. There are now only 450 registered females on the society list. Darrell and Freda produce a range of woolen products from their own and other peoplesí pedigree Teeswater fleeces and they also offer visitor accommodations in a 200-year old renovated granary. Darrell Pilkington will discuss the structure of UK sheep production and its woolen industry, including the breeds of sheep and the reasons for keeping certain types of sheep relative to the habitat they live on. He will also track the route of UK wool from fleece to yarn, including grading and sales by the Wool Marketing Board, processing and spinning on a commercial scale

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