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"The Royalty of the Fiber World"

Teeswaters carry themselves with pride with their head held high. They are a polled breed with curly forelocks with brown, black and gray markings. The wool has a pearly luster and is a finer fiber than other long wools with uniform crimp that is consistent throughout the fleece. If you are looking for a dual purpose breed, the Teeswater is felt to be a exceptional meat producer.

Originating in Great Britain, the fleece ranges between 7-1/2 to 10 pounds with an average fiber diameter from 30 to 36 microns. Teeswaters average wool growth is an inch a month. With individual hanging locks, a smooth fiber shaft, and bright luster, a Teeswater in full fleece is an amazing animal and fiber artists seek Teeswater wool for unique spinning experiences, such as tail spinning and other novelty yarns.

The Teeswater Sheep Society of North America provides our members with a Registry service and All members are eligible to be listed on the website membership directory, advertise Teeswater items for sale in the Teeswater Market, submit photos to the Teeswater Fiber Gallery.

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